We have an extensive background in the area of Entrepreneurship and Business Diversification. ISEA's mission in this area is:

  • Support for the promotion of new business activities.
  • The acquisition and formalisation of the knowledge generated in the course of entrepreneurial experiences.

ISEA’s activities within the scope of Entrepreneurship were recognised as “Good Practices” of MONDRAGON’s Corporate Management Model in May 2010

In 2011, the MONDRAGON Corporation selected ISEA as the support structure for the Business Acceleration Center, a specialised structure aimed at driving the launch processes for business initiatives through interco-operation.

To complement the above, ISEA undertook the objective of “Designing and implementing a roadmap to intensify entrepreneurship in MONDRAGON”, which is included in the Socio-Corporate Policy 2017-2020, approved by the MONDRAGON Cooperative Congress.

The following initiatives are of particular note:The following activities are of particular note:


Project OIHANA, the Integrated Plan for the development of entrepreneurship in the Social Economy in the heart of the MONDRAGON Corporation.


METAPOSTA aims to develop an “electronic postal safe on the Internet” where documents of personal interest can be stored.


Automatic translator resulting from a research project for which the main objective was to investigate advanced techniques in automatic translation.

TENTU Digital Magazine

TENTU is an aggregation service for Open Data and RSS feed dataset content, that uses Automatic Text Classification technologies.


MERKATARI is an IT solution for small businesses. The main objective is to encourage locally sourced consumption by forging closer relationships …