Technology and Innovation to improve the competitiveness of companies

ISEA, Centre par excellence in the competitiveness of companies through technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

What is ISEA
Applied research and technological development

Promoting the coordination among consortiums in R&D&i projects, as well as specialising in the preparation of R&D&i project requests at a European, national and regional level

Launch of new business activities

We have an extensive background in the area of Entrepreneurship and Business Diversification

Presentation of technological assistance and services

Our cooperation model is based on sharing the success with our customers

Dissemination of knowledge and acquired experience

Since its creation in 2006, ISEA has carried out an intense socialisation and dissemination activity within the Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship field.

Participating in projects

Our mission is to improve business competitiveness by promoting the Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of new business activities.

Our strategy is based on organising ourselves as an authentic Service Hub in the areas of Research, Technological Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Our collaborative ecosystem includes Technology Centres and Universities of international prestige, with which we promote collaborative R&D projects.

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