ISEA supports its customers throughout the R&D&i value chain, adapting to their needs and providing its knowledge in different areas.

This comprehensive support service is based on a model of cooperation throughout the lifecycle of an R&D&i project:

  • Monitoring of R&D&i programmes and seeking out opportunities.
  • Preparing reports for R&D&i Programmes.
  • Support for online presentation of applications.
  • Administrative and technical management for R&D&i projects.
  • Support for technical-economic justification of projects.

Our cooperation model is based on sharing the success with our customers.

Coordination among consortiums

ISEA encourages coordination among consortiums of R&D&i projects, including:

  • Seeking companies with complementary needs in technology fields or the market.
  • The inclusion of technological suppliers on projects (technology centres, universities, companies, etc.)

R&D&i Programmes

ISEA specialises in the preparation of R&D&i project requests at a European, national and regional level. We normally work with the following institutions and R&D&i programmes:

  • European Commission: HORIZON 2020, CEF, SME Instrument, etc.
  • The Government of the Basque Country/SPRI: HAZITEK, ELKARTEK, Innobideak, etc.
  • CDTI: R&D Projects, Strategic projects, Innoglobal, CIEN, etc.
  • Government of Spain: Retos-Colaboración (Challenges-Collaboration), Digital Enabling Technologies, etc.
  • Provincial Government of Biscay.
  • Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa.
  • Provincial Government of Alava.
  • Government of Navarre/SODENA.

R&D&i tax credits

Tax credits for R&D&i activities are a tax incentive that is applicable to these activities and are set against Corporate Tax, thus reducing the amount payable. Furthermore, it is also compatible with other forms of aid.

The credit for Technological Development activities can total 30% of the costs incurred during the tax year, whereas in the case of Technological Innovation, the credit can total 15% of the associated costs.

ISEA assesses companies so that they may benefit from this tax tool and we provide assistance to your clients throughout the procedure.