SIMTRA. Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance System

SIMTRA. Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance System based on Augmented Reality Technology

Subprogramme: INNPACTO 2010

ISEA S. COOP. Is a participant in the SIMTRA Project. Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance System based on Augmented Reality Technology.

The SIMTRA project was presented by a consortium comprising the following entities:

  • ALECOP S.COOP., as leader of the consortium.
  • Interuniversity Institute for Human Centred Research Bioengineering and Technology (LabHuman), part of the Polytechic University of Valencia,
  • ISEA S.COOP., non-university not for profit Private R&D Centre,

…at the 2010 call for applications for the award of grants corresponding to the INNPACTO subprogramme, within the instrumental line of Coordination and Internationalisation of the system, within the framework of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation, 2008-2011, co-funded by the ERDF and the Ministry of Science and Innovation under File Number IPT-020000-2010-028.


Training and assistance programme that can be used anywhere by the maintenance technicians whereby using an Augmented Reality system they are provided ‘in-situ’ technical assistance and guidance for the operations to be carried projected onto the machine itself, so that the technician knows what to do during each step of the maintenance process. The mobile Augmented Reality system also allows easy integration with diverse content within an adaptable context using the established standards. An editor for Augmented Reality content is also going to be developed for the creation of interactive manuals for industrial maintenance, as well as a semantic repository of maintenance manuals.


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